Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Playing Hooky

No, not really.  I am home from work today, and people have been coming in and out of my house to survey and repair the water damage from a roof leak in my guest bedroom.  The last time this happened (yep, it's happened before...San Diego drainage systems FTW!!), my own bedroom was out of commission for a couple weeks.  Not an ideal situation, but at least I have my own room this time!

I flew up to the Bay Area to visit my parents this past weekend.  For some reason, work was more draining than usual last week, so it was realllly nice to just take a break and spend some time with my family.  On Friday night, my parents picked me up from the airport and we went straight to Yoshi's.  We hadn't been there in ages, and it didn't disappoint.  We decided to also get tickets to the jazz show after dinner, which is wholly unlike my parents.  The George Duke Quartet played a pretty sweet set.  I've never really listened to jazz, but it was so smooth and uplifting, and really enjoyable.

I also got to spend some quality time with my niece.  Who knew that a 2 year old could love Bieber and Usher?  She was a ball of energy and so much fun!  She talks up a storm and would love nothing more than to eat ice cream for every meal.

Yesterday, I bit the bullet and registered for the Sue Krenn 15K.  What have I gotten myself into??  I guess we'll find out in a few weeks!  Since I started running and doing races last year, I've realized that I really enjoy the longer distances.  I've already finished one half marathon, and it's already time to start thinking about a training plan for my next one, the Rock n' Roll San Diego 1/2 Marathon!  Is it weird that I geek out at the thought of making up my own training plans?  Too bad I can't be that excited about studying for the MCAT.  Le sigh.

Here is to hoping that I can make it through the rest of this week with my sanity intact...wish me luck!

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  1. Don't be a wimp! Go for the 26.2. You can totally do it!