Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fail x3

Four day weekend = awesome, right?  I'm gonna go with yes, minus a couple of noteworthy (and kind of special, of the paste-eating variety) fails.

On Saturday, after a STELLAR week in which I managed to finally break through my 2 month long plateau, I decided it would be a really good idea to make chocolate marshmallow bark.  8 batches of it.  I experimented with peppermint extract, extra dark chocolate, dried cherries, and dried cranberries.  The good news? Everyone at work is gonna LOVE me tomorrow.  The bad news?  I've had 8 batches of chocolaty marshmallowy goodness sitting in my fridge all weekend.  And then there were 7.

On Sunday, my friend and old coworker Elle excitedly told me that Maz Jobrani was going to be at the House of Blues on Tuesday night.  I kind of love Maz Jobrani.  Self-deprecating humor is pretty much the key to my heart, and Maz does a fantastic job of summing up my entire childhood in 3 minutes here.  I jumped at the chance, and bought tickets.  Too bad he won't be at the House of Blues until the 24th.  THURSDAY.  Not tonight.  How both of us missed this I'm not sure, but I'm glad we figured it out before I left the house and sat in traffic for an hour trying to get downtown.

Yesterday, after my mediocre run (Note to self: running into the wind on a grade is not the best idea you've ever had) I decided to self-medicate with graham cracker frozen yogurt.  Standard.  I'm pretty sure the people who work at Golden Spoon would only recognize me in my workout clothes.  I walked back out to my car, unlocked it, and opened the driver's side door, only to be greeted by the inside of a car that....wasn't mine.  It was a MESS.  After having a mini flip-out and screaming on the inside for a little bit, I realized that my car was actually two rows over.  This little incident cost me a bit of my dignity and my froyo spoon.  Maybe here is not the best place to admit that I had an extra spoon in my purse.  Even more reason to self-medicate.

This (shortened) workweek promises to be busy, but at least I have Maz to look forward to on Thursday night!

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