Thursday, May 12, 2011

Take Me to the Bay

Why am I still awake?  More importantly, why do I have such an aversion to packing before trips (and unpacking after them, for that matter)?  I am flying out to the Bay Area after work tomorrow to visit parents and to engage in the ridiculous shenanigan debauchery-fest that is Bay to Breakers.  Seriously, how did I grow up across the bay from SF and NEVER take part?  Oh yea, because I was antisocial and I hated running.  I am really excited to take part in a San Francisco tradition (even if it's one of thousands of inebriated hippies in inane costumes).  Not even the 60% chance of rain in the city on Sunday can get me down!

Did you know there is NOTHING on TV at 1am?  I did.

And I'm still not packed.