Friday, December 16, 2011

Why do you run?

Since I started running last year, I've had a number of people ask me this question.  The answer?  Because I can.  And because I love it.

I used to hate running.  I used to not be able to run.  I used to think that running was for the crazies.  Who just up and decides to run 10 miles at dawn on a Sunday?  A crazy person, that's who.

I don't remember ever being as sore as I was the day after I pushed myself to run a single mile last March. I was also insanely proud of myself.  The pain didn't make me want to quit; I was determined to run just a little bit farther the next time.  One mile turned into two.  Two miles turned into a 5K, then a few more 5Ks.  A couple of 10Ks later, I signed up for a half-marathon.  Me!  A half-marathon!  I'd officially turned into one of those crazies.

Now 3 half-marathons later, I am still amazed after every long run at what my body can do.  Through running, I've found a little peace of mind, a little more appreciation, and a whole lot more determination.  I may not be fast, but I can still call myself a runner, and that is an AWESOME feeling.

Why do you run?

Friday, November 4, 2011


It's been awhile.  I finished a triathlon.  It was awesome.  I ran another half-marathon.  It was...not so awesome.  Instead of making lame excuses for being an absentee blogger, I'll leave you with a little something that sums up quite nicely how I've been feeling for the past few months.

I really miss John Mayer's pre-douche phase.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Back to Reality

So I've been back in the states for almost a week, but it feels like I haven't really gotten a chance to settle back in yet.  I spent a wonderful 2.5 weeks in Sweden and Greece - vacation was just what I needed to relax and recharge.

There was a lot of eating, a little drinking, and a year's supply of sand and sun.  Who knew Swedes could make delicious beer AND delicious pizza?  Also kind of cool that all of the restaurants with outdoor seating have blankets for when it gets really cold during the winter months (or for intrigued visitors from the States).

Even with all of that, I managed to get in a couple of runs in the Swedeland- kinda cool to map it with my Garmin!  The weather in Uppsala was a bit all over the place, but both times I headed out to run, the weather was perfect.  And I am ridiculously proud of myself for not getting lost, probably excessively so.

The running shoes didn't even make it into my suitcase to take to Greece.  Good thing too, because there was no time for running between laying out at the beach, eating, and napping.  Frothy iced coffee with ice cream everyday?  Yes, please!

One of the most gorgeous beaches I've ever seen:

And really, no European vacation would be complete without a stripper boat.

Now back to reality, unfortunately.  I'll be glad to get back into a running routine though...T-19 days until the AFC Half Marathon and T-40 days until the TriRock San Diego Sprint Tri!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Leaving on a Jet Plane

That's right!  Tomorrow morning bright and early, I am taking off to spend some time in Sweden and Greece with my family.  I can't wait!

I probably won't post in earnest until I get back (almost 3 whole weeks!  but not that that's much different from my time between posts anyway), but be prepared for LOTS of pictures.

Wanna know something funny?  I'm still not packed.

Catch you on the flipside, jaaaaa!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

It Takes a Village

Last weekend, I took Tilly out for a spin with my running buddy.  We fuddled around for about an hour on the walking path at the city park and called it a day.  More practice needed.

Enter awesome 5-person team of wonderfully patient friends and co-workers.  After a couple hours of hand-holding and LOTS of encouragement, I can finally say that I know how to ride a bike!  Still pretty wobbly (and a little worse for the wear), but I am SO EXCITED to practice more.  Like ridiculously.

Best part?  Celebrating at Souplantation afterward.  With lots of muffins and cookies.  No, that's not what she said.  I'm just gonna chalk it up to carb loading for my Torrey Pines 10-miler this morning.  Check out this elevation profile!  Running up that dang hill makes me never want to run the La Jolla Half.  Ever.

I am totally getting froyo after that.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Who has two thumbs...

And still doesn't know how to ride a bike?  That would be me.  Hopefully that will change soon, since I signed up for the TriRock San Diego sprint triathlon in September.  Yea, I'm the genius who registered for a triathlon without knowing how to ride a bike.

This weekend, I took the first step toward triathlete-dom and acquired my first bike.  Exciting!  She is red and awesome and I named her Tilly.

Isn't she pretty?  Hey Tilly, don't let me down - I'm counting on you to get me through my first tri!