Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Back to Reality

So I've been back in the states for almost a week, but it feels like I haven't really gotten a chance to settle back in yet.  I spent a wonderful 2.5 weeks in Sweden and Greece - vacation was just what I needed to relax and recharge.

There was a lot of eating, a little drinking, and a year's supply of sand and sun.  Who knew Swedes could make delicious beer AND delicious pizza?  Also kind of cool that all of the restaurants with outdoor seating have blankets for when it gets really cold during the winter months (or for intrigued visitors from the States).

Even with all of that, I managed to get in a couple of runs in the Swedeland- kinda cool to map it with my Garmin!  The weather in Uppsala was a bit all over the place, but both times I headed out to run, the weather was perfect.  And I am ridiculously proud of myself for not getting lost, probably excessively so.

The running shoes didn't even make it into my suitcase to take to Greece.  Good thing too, because there was no time for running between laying out at the beach, eating, and napping.  Frothy iced coffee with ice cream everyday?  Yes, please!

One of the most gorgeous beaches I've ever seen:

And really, no European vacation would be complete without a stripper boat.

Now back to reality, unfortunately.  I'll be glad to get back into a running routine though...T-19 days until the AFC Half Marathon and T-40 days until the TriRock San Diego Sprint Tri!

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