Friday, December 16, 2011

Why do you run?

Since I started running last year, I've had a number of people ask me this question.  The answer?  Because I can.  And because I love it.

I used to hate running.  I used to not be able to run.  I used to think that running was for the crazies.  Who just up and decides to run 10 miles at dawn on a Sunday?  A crazy person, that's who.

I don't remember ever being as sore as I was the day after I pushed myself to run a single mile last March. I was also insanely proud of myself.  The pain didn't make me want to quit; I was determined to run just a little bit farther the next time.  One mile turned into two.  Two miles turned into a 5K, then a few more 5Ks.  A couple of 10Ks later, I signed up for a half-marathon.  Me!  A half-marathon!  I'd officially turned into one of those crazies.

Now 3 half-marathons later, I am still amazed after every long run at what my body can do.  Through running, I've found a little peace of mind, a little more appreciation, and a whole lot more determination.  I may not be fast, but I can still call myself a runner, and that is an AWESOME feeling.

Why do you run?

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