Monday, March 7, 2011

Did You Miss Me?

For what it's worth, I sat down to write new posts 4 times this past week.  Each time, I felt like I was just going to vent and be snappy about everything that made me unhappy (at work, in the gym, in life), and let's be honest: who wants to hear me complain all the time?  I even get tired of myself complaining all the time.  So here is my attempt at a positive spin on last week's mayjah happenings.

This guy made me late for work on Thursday.  Oh hey, crazyface!  Didn't see you there behind the half-mile of backed up traffic and the jackknifed big rig!  On a brighter note, while I was stuck in said traffic jam, I was thisclose to winning zoo tickets on the radio.  And Mr. I-wanna-talk-to-the-President was admitted for a mental health evaluation.  No harm, no foul, right?

I ran a 15K on Saturday.  And I hated every second of it.  Not very organized, route was sucky, and did I mention I finished (almost) last?  It really was one of those races that sucks the love of running out of you.  I also have a St. Patrick's Day 10K coming up this Saturday.  I signed up for it without knowing that the route was just a shorter version of the 15K.  Boooo!  After some reflection and some encouraging words from my running guru/coworker Debra, I decided that I wouldn't let one sucky race experience get me down.  I am determined to take Fiesta Island by the horns this weekend.  Do you hear that, Fiesta Island?  I am taking you DOWN!  And then I will have pizza and beer to celebrate.  Everyone knows that's why people sign up for St. Patty's Day races anyway.  Who's with me?!

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