Friday, April 15, 2011

So I Suck At Blogging

Are you really surprised?  I feel like the past few weeks have been a whirlwind, so in the interest of time (and because writing out paragraphs seems really energy-consuming at the moment), I decided to do lists instead.

Awesome things
Friends visiting from LA (includes: trip to Stone brewery, froyo, a few episodes of Lockup Raw, slumber party, and family breakfast)
PR at Carlsbad 5000 (didn't feel very awesome while I was running, but who doesn't love a PR?)
Parentheses (if you couldn't tell by now, I think I have an overuse problem)
The weather.  Spring is here!
Peet's coffee

Not so awesome things
Work stress
Bum knee (my right knee is currently auditioning for the role of my left knee's fat twin.  Barring any medical miracles, it's looking pretty good for the part.)
Dumb neighbors
Being generally awkward
Did I mention my bum knee?

Pop Chips
Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi (yep, I'm 9.  So what?)
Mini bell peppers
Monster trail mix from Target (Try it.  For reals.)

I think that about sums it up.  In other news, I kind of like this top 5 idea (yep, I'm that original), so I may or may not try it again in another post.  Thoughts?

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